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KLICKT HIER !!! NEUES !!! ich hasse meine gefühle und meine hilflosigkeit...... .......aber ich bin mir ganz sicher das geht vorbei ......mit der zeit......mit der zeit..........

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemans...

since my last phone call with my friend marion i talk only english, my mummy and my daddy don´t understand me, and i find that very funny, because my sister talks with me english, and so we can talk about everything and my parents don´t understand anything.......
i must tell you the whole story, marion and i say we talk english till our final english test, because we think that we are then much more better :p.....but also we realised that all our friends now think we are a little bit crazy but this are we so and so - if you can understand what i mean, then only because i talk english the whole day, i have also a lot of grammatic errors and say something wrong, but i think you can understand my ''labberei'' trotzdem (??)
i must think about it - if i had to tell you much more special but at the moment i haven´t any idea - excuse me
oh yes yes marion and i came to the result that mrs. bauman has the ass wide opended, we don´t now why but everybody who knows this person understand it, or not? please tell me....my extra book for guests is also open....
but i warn you, when anybody critisied (kritisiert) my english, then it goes my am ass vorbei because i find my english very very doll.......and when marion had an 'fluss' (totally insider =)=)=)=)=)) you shouldn´t break her in to the words she said....LaughOLaugh ....... so my friends haved an nice evening and talked more english because it makes our mood better and when you drink a little bit of alcohol dabei, it goes much more easier, so believe my tips .........
kiss kiss kiss our very crazy wrong english speakend friend. tina
16.6.06 20:37

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